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Hotel Oktav Esztergom

Hotel Oktav Esztergom


Wesselenyi utca 35-39, Esztergom, Hungary

Hotel Saint Adalbert Esztergom

Hotel Saint Adalbert Esztergom

3.50 11 reviews

Szent Istvan Ter 10., Esztergom, Hungary

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One Town Back, Two Towns Forward, Esztergom, Hungary travel blog

One Town Back, Two Towns Forward

A travel blog entry by eundel

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... thought, an enormous domed cathedral perched on a not-too-distant hill came into view. "Oh, that must be it..." Esztergom was the birthplace of Hungary's first king and probably favorite saint, St. Stephen. The hill was the site of not only the Basilica, ...

BUDAPEST-SZENTENDRE-VISEGRAD-ESZTERGOM Km 90, Esztergom, Hungary travel blog


A travel blog entry by fabiocip


Donauradweg; Komárom to Esztergom 57km, Esztergom, Hungary travel blog

Donauradweg; Komárom to Esztergom 57km

A travel blog entry by michellendave


... -classical chapel. This version of the Basilica was consecrated in 1856. Hiro and Junko write:     Esztergom ...

Day 309 - Home Away from Home in Hungary, Esztergom, Hungary travel blog

Day 309 - Home Away from Home in Hungary

A travel blog entry by everett.butler


... into the hot country sun to wander the quaint village and see what it had to offer.  One of the oldest towns in Hungary, Esztergom was the former capital, the site of their first king’s crowning and home to one of the largest basilica’s ...

Attractions in Esztergom

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Esztergom Basilica / Cathedral (Bazilika)

Esztergom Basilica / Cathedral (Bazilika)


Castle Hill / Var-domb, Szt. Istvan ter Esztergom, Hungary

Built in the first half of the nineteenth century, the largest cathedral in Hungary incorporates the red marble Rakocz Chapel, a fine example of Renaissance art.

Museum of Christian Art (Kereszteny Muzeum)

Museum of Christian Art (Kereszteny Muzeum)


Mindszenty ter 2, Esztergom, Hungary

Largest museum of the Hungarian Roman Catholic Church features masterpieces of Hungarian medieval panel painting, sculptures and 12th- to 15th-century Italian paintings.

Castle Museum

Castle Museum


Szent Istvan ter, Esztergom, Hungary

A permanent exhibition tells the dramatic story of the Castle of Esztergom, using an extensive collection of pottery, coins, weapons and fragments of ancient stone columns.

Balassa Balint Museum

Balassa Balint Museum


Pazmany Peter utca, Esztergom, Hungary

Extensive collections of ancient Turkish coins are featured at this specialty museum.