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Electricity, Petionville, Haiti travel blog


A travel blog entry by suzyinbenin

It’s dark. The shapes of my apartment are eclipsed by the bright white light of my computer screen as I type this. It’s 9:30 p.m., and already, they have cut the generator off. For the first couple of weeks, a few lights, the tv, and the fan ...

Running: An(d) Exercise, Petionville, Haiti travel blog

Running: An(d) Exercise

A travel blog entry by suzyinbenin

It's the day before Christmas, and while I should be writing some sort of holiday missive with reflections on mistletoe, Santa, and "gifting," instead, I offer as my Christmas gift to readers out there another sort of blog entry about running and ...

Birthday Celebrations Haitian Style, Petionville, Haiti travel blog

Birthday Celebrations Haitian Style

A travel blog entry by mattinhaiti

... art gallery that her grandfather founded. Her life is a side of Haiti we have not run into before, the high society life of Petionville. It was interesting to talk to her about what she thinks about the situation in Haiti. I arrived back at my house ...

And...a real entry on xMAS (and birth and death), Petionville, Haiti travel blog

And...a real entry on xMAS (and birth and death)

A travel blog entry by suzyinbenin

Lookey here! Two blog entries in one day! Once again, I am merely sending along a short little piece written in that free-writing group, but as it is about Christmas, I felt compelled to share it. Please note that the following (which was written ...