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Nebaj, Nebaj, Guatemala

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And Why Nebaj, Nebaj, Guatemala travel blog

And Why Nebaj

A travel blog entry by muddyfeet

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... of history, culture and life they have left.  The history of The Mayan people IS the history of Guatemala. During the Civil War, Nebaj and the surrounding areas were most gravely effected.  Being a strong minded community the military went ...

And This Is How It Went, Nebaj, Guatemala, Guatemala travel blog

And This Is How It Went

A travel blog entry by muddyfeet

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... be rude to do otherwise as the women were trying to keep my best interests in mind.  Thus, I decided to go straight to Nebaj. After 3 buses I arrived in what appeared to be a drizzly dank pueblo.  Granted it was night and all and every time I ...

I Never Liked Quiche Anyway, Nebaj, Guatemala travel blog

I Never Liked Quiche Anyway

A travel blog entry by doove


... Quiero Ir A Nebaj he looked at me like I’d left a steaming turd on the back seat. I tried different pronunciations of Nebaj, but he was repeatedly like ‘Uspantan?!!’, another city, and I was like no Nebaj you dingy. Eventually reached ...

Turquoise Pools + Buffet = Yay!, Lanquin guatemala, Guatemala travel blog

Turquoise Pools + Buffet = Yay!

A travel blog entry by namaste32

We wandered into town early this morning to get some money, and then found out that there was no ATM in town. Oops. So, we had to change the few US dollars we had in order to pay for food and for our room tonight. After eating at a little comedor (again, ...