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Red Rose Hotel Darjeeling

Red Rose Hotel Darjeeling

3.50 56 reviews

, Lanquin, Guatemala

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Just call me BATWOMAN!!!, Lanquin, Guatemala travel blog

Just call me BATWOMAN!!!

A travel blog entry by bootsmade4wlkin

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... pretty phenomenal...not the bat touching me, what I saw in that cave.  I had just been on a tour through the Grutas de Lanquin with a group of about seven other people.  Our guide was a fifteen year old Guatemalan boy who liked to say my name a ...


Today's question.

A travel blog entry by stevefn

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... for Christmas, or that he either start to practice Islam or become a Zen Buddhist so he doesn't even get to celebrate Christmas? The Lanquin and Semuc Champey area was just as spectacular as the people I've met said it would be. I think I'll have to ...

Bats, Bugs and Bone Shaking Chicken Buses, Coban, Semuc Champey, Lanquin and Beyond, Guatemala travel blog

Bats, Bugs and Bone Shaking Chicken Buses

A travel blog entry by dospollos

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... into the western highlands and our destination for the day, Coban. Its amazing how quckly and drastically the landscape changes in Guatemala, it always suprises you. Coban is a quiet little town, perched on a long thin plateau, which means the streets ...

Rainforest Paridise, Coban and Semuc Champey, Guatemala travel blog

Rainforest Paridise

A travel blog entry by casey_matt

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Once in Coban we did the norm, find a hostel, find dinner, buy some groceries, and walk around town. The next morning we moved to a new hostel for a better room plus free pancake breakfast, we got that and a very annoying American who ran the hostel. One ...

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Lanquin Caves

Lanquin Caves


Lanquin, Guatemala

These limestone caves are part of a national park system, with many of the caverns lit by lanterns for visitors to explore.

Semuc Champey

Semuc Champey


10 kilometers from Lanquin, Lanquin, Guatemala