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Guatemala for Gringos, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala travel blog

Guatemala for Gringos

A travel blog entry by sherwoodk

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          I sit on the rooftop balcony of the Posada Dona Clara in Antigua, Guatemala, recording my thoughts. I confess it is this balcony that has kept me here, despite the promise of more company and fewer ...

Catch-Up Since San Salvador, Antigua, Guatemala travel blog

Catch-Up Since San Salvador

A travel blog entry by andrewandjacque

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... . After our nice day in the cool air, Santa Ana seemed oppressively hot, so we decided to decamp for the highlands of Guatemala. After 5 border crossings, we have to say that it has ALWAYS gone smoother for us when we have taken a local bus to ...

Just call me BATWOMAN!!!, Lanquin, Guatemala travel blog

Just call me BATWOMAN!!!

A travel blog entry by bootsmade4wlkin

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My first day in Lanquin a bat flew into my hair.  Yes, a bat.  Another one made friends with my back.  And I would like to say that I was calm through all of this, merely saying, "Hey guys, a bat just ran into me.  Isnīt that ...

Tikal and other Mayan Ruins, Tikal National Park, Guatemala travel blog

Tikal and other Mayan Ruins

A travel blog entry by hanscottclaire

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... time helping you. Our first stay in Guatemala only lasted two days because we were just popping into Peten (the northern bit of Guatemala that sticks out between Belize and Mexico) to see Tikal and the nearby town of Flores. Flores is a little town ...