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Dodgy active volcano climbing, Volcan Pacaya, Guatemala travel blog

Dodgy active volcano climbing

A travel blog entry by emanddave

This is a top pick!

Weather has been very mixed the last couple of days so we umm and aah a lot before going on this trip and decide that we will never know when the weather is ok. We get in our minibus to head to the Pacaya volcano nearly 2 hours away where the weather ...

Colonial tourist hotspot I, Antigua, Guatemala travel blog

Colonial tourist hotspot I

A travel blog entry by jamesjames

... time..), and inadvertantly bypassing Coban (spot famous for its caves and lagoons, and apparently a must see..) we found ourselves in Guatemala City (GC to its friends- a set we don't include ourselves in). A night spent in one of the dodgyiest sections, ...

Im never leaving San Pedro on a bus again...!, San Pedro, Guatemala travel blog

Im never leaving San Pedro on a bus again...!

A travel blog entry by little_lisa

I have settled into my little cabana (cabin) nicely and am enjoying having my lessons, even if they do mainly consist of my teacher talking and me nodding my head in what, I think are, appropriate places! She must be pleased with me though cause she ...

Estoy Avancada!!!, San Pedro de la Laguna, Guatemala travel blog

Estoy Avancada!!!

A travel blog entry by little_lisa

On Saturday I began the long trek down to Guatamala, first on a lovely air conditioned bus the border and then me and an English guy entered guatamala together. As soon as you pass through the gates you are faced with the craziest multicoloured market ...