Antigua - Lago Atitlan

Antigua - Lago Atitlan, Guatemala

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Guatemala the Mayan land, Flores, Lago Isabal, Antigua, Lago Atitlan.....BANDITS!!!, Guatemala travel blog

Guatemala the Mayan land

A travel blog entry by martinandheike

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... The rest of the week in the build up will be a full on affair and there are different processions each day. From Antigua we moved onto "Lago Atitlan" which is a lake formed from a collapsed volcanic cone "caldera" and is very deep at 320m. It{s ...

Chicken Bus Country, Antigua/Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala travel blog

Chicken Bus Country

A travel blog entry by missouri

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... and drank a little at this tiny irish pub called Riley's that played great music and met fun people. San Pedro, Lago de word...UNBELIEVABLE! Even though it took 4 chicken buses to actually get there(one of which, we actually saw the ...

Antigua - Lago Atitlan, Antigua - Lago Atitlan, Guatemala travel blog

Antigua - Lago Atitlan

A travel blog entry by alexkons

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... 1,000 steps! before i go all philosophical on you again, here is the update: i have spent the past few days in antigua and on lago atitlan. it was nice travelling with steffen, who loyally stuck with me and my moods. needless to say, local men left me ...