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Lower Sigua Falls Redemption Hike, Yigo, Guam travel blog

Lower Sigua Falls Redemption Hike

A travel blog entry by guamblog


... (should have brought a map blog), Joe and I headed out again with a different approach this time... using a map! We bought a guam hiking guidebook and map to navigate through the trails. I can't say that either helped much because the entire hike is ...

Marbo Caves, Yigo, Guam travel blog

Marbo Caves

A travel blog entry by guamblog


So for some reason I still have not figured out to this day, on a saturday night, in the middle of a tropical storm... We decided caving would be an awesome idea. Talk about some blair witch project! Stocked up on underwater flashlights, snorkel gear and ...

Jump Around, Mangilao, Guam travel blog

Jump Around

A travel blog entry by guamblog


Last weekend myself and a couple of buddies here ventured out to Pagat Point. It was like a 1 hour hike/boulder down a thick forest and rock cliff. Pretty exciting but very buggy! And I definitly learned that sunscreen is kind of essential in the ...

Suns a risin, Yigo, Guam travel blog

Suns a risin

A travel blog entry by guamblog


So of all the military bases I have been to, Andersen AFB has the most beautiful lookout spot. There are some cliffs facing the East Pacific that we climbed and have came numerous times to watch the Sunrise/ storms and just to hang out and relax. There ...