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Harmon Loop Hotel Dededo

Harmon Loop Hotel Dededo

4.00 345 reviews

3 Centerpointe Dr, La Palma, United States

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My ship is too close to yours..., Oceanview, Guam travel blog

My ship is too close to yours...

A travel blog entry by guamblog


... the Tokai causing considerable damage, but not sinking her.Sinking History Seven months later, the US submarine SNAPPER, patrolling west of Guam, spotted two ships in the harbor. Not knowing at the time that these were the Tokai Maru and another damaged ...

Theres always enough time!, Oceanview, Guam travel blog

Theres always enough time!

A travel blog entry by guamblog


... on the south side of the island. Merizo is right next to Umatac Bay and Magellan's landing. Magellans landing is the spot on Guam where Ferdinand Magellan landed in the 1500s and later settle in the spanish. I got some pictures I thought that were pretty ...

My "Big Fish story", Oceanview, Guam travel blog

My "Big Fish story"

A travel blog entry by guamblog


... .  The first one at "Blue and White" was new ground but I just saw a lot of the same colorful fish you see everywhere in Guam so nothing too crazy or exciting there. It was just nice and relaxing and there were lots of fish to see. Our second dive at ...

Tallest Mountain in the world, Oceanview, Guam travel blog

Tallest Mountain in the world

A travel blog entry by guamblog


... the base of the mountain at 36000 feet below sea level (almost 7 miles.. stand corrected) and the summit being the highest point of Guam, it takes the cake.  After doing a little bit of research (come to find out not enough) and packing, my co weather ...

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Micronesia Mall

Micronesia Mall


1088 W. Marine Drive, Dededo, Guam

For a huge assortment of stores, check out the biggest mall in the Western Pacific, which also features a food court, theaters, and an indoor amusement park.