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A very popular and social city, Grenada, Nicaragua travel blog

A very popular and social city

A travel blog entry by aborder

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Day 95 April 9th continued - The bus to Grenada only takes about 90 minutes to reach the edge of the city. The bus stops in a crowded bus station below the frantic Marcado Municipal (market). To gain a flavour for the city and being the cheap man I ...

The Spice Island, St. George, Grenada travel blog

The Spice Island

A travel blog entry by kris

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i made it over to Grenada yesterday.. the customs guys were pretty moody.. the first guy asked all the usual questions like asking me how long i'm here for.. i say 2 weeks.. after a few more q's he asks me when i'm leaving again, i say in two weeks.. ...

next island, Carriacou, Grenada travel blog

next island

A travel blog entry by kris

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well i made it to a small island called Carriacou.. it's still part of Grenada and Union island which is part of the Grenadines, which makes up St. Vincent and the Grenadines, is teasingly visible from the main town of carriacou called Hillsborough.. So ...

Little islands, Carriacou, Grenada travel blog

Little islands

A travel blog entry by kris

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... been having problems with my mobile phone.. since i left Trinidad i haven't been able to top up my now run down credit in Grenada.. even though when i was buying it i was told i could top up all over the caribbean, in St. George the girl receptionist ...