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Greeks are brilliant!, Athens, Greece travel blog

Greeks are brilliant!

A travel blog entry by mcgown

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... the economic issues alot of their infrastructure has breakdown so services and office hours have been reduced so travelling in Greece and getting the right information and directions can be pretty frustrating but we still love being here with Greek ...

The Goddess Athina, Athens, Greece travel blog

The Goddess Athina

A travel blog entry by danly

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... I've ever seen! I could not help but treat myself to a lovely pair of leather sandals made from here. Something to remember Greece by. It was a wonderfully warm night and people were about wandering around. Shops were all open till about 9pm. We decided ...

Its all Greek to me, Athens, Greece travel blog

Its all Greek to me

A travel blog entry by coryandlaura

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... that I was no longer with the group. When he turned and saw me he came back and we continued on seeing the real Greece. We walked through the Platka and enjoyed the beginnings of Carnival. There were kids in costume, ...

More Repairs - is it REALLY Possible?!?, Athens, Greece travel blog

More Repairs - is it REALLY Possible?!?

A travel blog entry by 2totango

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... boat leaves for Turkey, Brian wants the bikes in ‘tip top’ shape.  Worried about the lack of good cycle shops in Greece (not that we’ve found many in our travels in any country), he things that it may be even more scarce in ...