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Sougia, in Southern Crete, Sougia, Greece travel blog

Sougia, in Southern Crete

A travel blog entry by noalarmclocks


Sougia in Southern Crete We made good time travelling from Elafonisi to Sougia (sooya), so we found a good hotel with balconies looking out to one end of Sougia Bay for 25 Euro per night! There is quite a competitive atmosphere among hotel owners ...

Annual Walk to Sougia, Sougia, Greece travel blog

Annual Walk to Sougia

A travel blog entry by travellerbruce


An annual feature of the stay in Paleochora is the "walk" - to Sougia which is only about 15km along the coast but the actual walk is about 25 25 km when you include all the ups and downs and skirting headlands, etc. I first dd this on my own the first ...

Apr 15, 2010, Sougia, Greece travel blog

Apr 15, 2010

A travel blog entry by luciagreco


...And Here, Sougia, Greece travel blog

...And Here

A travel blog entry by nomadchef

...and ...