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Cliffs and Wine, Paleochora, Greece travel blog

Cliffs and Wine

A travel blog entry by lydia157


... to our own table to drink with dinner when it arrived. As for dinner, it was (like 99% of the food in Greece) beyond tasty! I had a lamb shank with Greek potatoes and the appetizers included dakos (which I don’t think I will be able ...

Another Page From My Life, Paleochora, Greece travel blog

Another Page From My Life

A travel blog entry by nomadchef

Fabulous weather, white sandy beaches filled with sun-baked germans in speedos, old men dressed in greek orthodox attire (no idea what its called, will try to get a picture). Last night I slept on the beach, a pebbled one, with smooth round stones that ...

Time to Start Roughing It, Paleochora, Greece travel blog

Time to Start Roughing It

A travel blog entry by nomadchef

So, I'm sitting in a cafe in Paleochora, sipping on a Frappe, watching the slow waves lapping against the stonework of the ferry dock. The last tourists of the season stand around impatiently, waiting for the boat to take them home and I am trying to ...

to Pal, Paleochora, Greece travel blog

to Pal

A travel blog entry by travellerbruce

eventuaslly ...