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All the way to the top, Nafplio, Greece travel blog

All the way to the top

A travel blog entry by coryandlaura

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  We have decided to stick around Nafplio today. We started out with a very hearty breakfast at the one restaurant that we were able to find open. It was called Popeye's. They had a very hearty breakfast with coffee. We were the only ones in the ...

How beautiful, Nafplio, Greece travel blog

How beautiful

A travel blog entry by coryandlaura

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... ;the Internet .  The place that I booked was called Pension Acronafplia in the center of the old town in Nafplio . We arrived in Nafplio and realized immediately that it is more of a walking town than a ...

Bikes on a Bus, Náfplio, Greece travel blog

Bikes on a Bus

A travel blog entry by 2totango

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... of it winter.  I had hoped to jump up the coast aways and get somewhere to explore for our last remaining days in Greece rather than cycle in pain! But even without boats, there are still busses so all was not lost.  Boarding the bus required ...

the best town in Greece, Nafplio, Greece travel blog

the best town in Greece

A travel blog entry by bogna

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... druga strone, co zajelo jakies 5 minut i... juz bylismy na Peloponezie, w Galatas. Kupilismy melona i spytalismy o wylotowke do Nafplio jakiegos starszego pana, ktory plynna i czysta angielszczyzna odpowiedzial, ze moze nas zabrac kilka km za miasteczko. ...