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Mesta, Chios, Greece, Mestá, Greece travel blog

Mesta, Chios, Greece

A travel blog entry by oldrover


... of the north. Perhaps it was that they are farming centers rather than holiday resorts. In any case, certainly Pirgi and Mesta have distinct personalities between themselves, and are as well quite differentiated from the seaside towns. Mesta has a rather ...

MESTA   - A Preserved Village-castle, MESTA, Greece travel blog

MESTA - A Preserved Village-castle

A travel blog entry by greekcypriot


... as they call them, and we are about to enter this very popular village-castle.....Come along to explore it  with me. MESTA Another medieval village  (14th and 15th centuries) located in the southern Chios.  It is very popular and it seems ...

the Mastic Villages, Mesta, Chios, Greece travel blog

the Mastic Villages

A travel blog entry by dan-shelley


... Chios from the 16th century to the end of Turkish rule. (Mastic was used to make chewing gum, flavorings, medicine, and fixatives.) Mesta is dark but beautiful. Pyrgi, which we visited today, is a work of art - full of black and white houses ...

a grand day out, Mesta, Chios, Greece travel blog

a grand day out

A travel blog entry by dan-shelley


... town, but the second is being revived as a weekend and holiday getaway with lovely little houses and breathtaking sea views. On the way back to Mesta, we had tea in the charming mastic village of Vessa and a great seaside fish dinner in ...