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Tarifa - kite surfing around The Rock, Tarifa n

Tarifa - kite surfing around The Rock

A travel blog entry by technotrekker

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... during WWII). Located just east of the most southern point in Spain it is a perfect base for guarding the Straits of Gibraltar and regulating access between the Atlantic and Med. The 400+ metre sheer limestone cliffs that form 'The Rock' make it a ...


We're alive!

A travel blog entry by gr8escape

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... and more info to follow, you poor saps, but wanted to give you the update. We ventured to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar earlier this afternoon. And saw the monkeys. Yes, Jarrod, I made friends with them. If in fact there are actual readers out ...

Gibraltar and back to Spain, Gibraltar, Gibraltar travel blog

Gibraltar and back to Spain

A travel blog entry by vivmorley

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Left Morocco, which was wonderful in its own unique way and aboard the lugger for Gibraltar. Eventually got our little tourist bus which crossed the runway (so hilarious as we had to wait for a couple of planes to take off) and then through the streets of ...

Gibraltar - Big Rock., Gibraltar, United Kingdom travel blog

Gibraltar - Big Rock.

A travel blog entry by heatheravan

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After taking the ferry from Tangier back to Spain we decided we couldn't let the opportunity go by of not seeing Gibraltar, as it was quite close. Gibraltar is still a British colony (of over 300 years) and more British than the British!! You suddenly ...