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Big Milly's Backyard Kokrobite

Big Milly's Backyard Kokrobite

4.00 225 reviews

11167 PO Box A/N, Kokrobite, Ghana

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Day 1: Tro-tro to Big Milly

Day 1: Tro-tro to Big Milly's

A travel blog entry by tim_buktu2


... aim of today is to escape the city before I even discover it and set up camp in Big Milly's Backyard, Kokrobite - a well-established backpacker haven west of Accra. A quick reccy post-breakfast identifies that Ghanaians drink Guinness, it's blisteringly ...

Weekend Road Trippin

Weekend Road Trippin' to the Coast - Kokrobite!

A travel blog entry by sianeth


On the map this place is only a few odd miles away from Accra but the dodgy roads meant it took god knows how long to get here from Ho in our van. Despite the slightly unnerving episode of long prayers for our safety being said before departure, and the ...

Big Bash at Barbara

Big Bash at Barbara's

A travel blog entry by timshazz


... was spent in the relative comfort of Barbara's Village, alternating between visiting Accra to pursue visas and generally hanging out in the Kokrobite area. The local kids came around to hang with us for a while one night which was fun and one of the ...

Day 4: Seto

Day 4: Seto's got a Gun

A travel blog entry by tim_buktu2


There's a knock at the door. It's 8am and unexpected. Could it be the reward has sniffed out a taker? Outside stands Simone, one of the 'bad guy' converts working for Seto. He was apparently on duty yesterday to stop any tourists 'turning left' and he ...