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Dusseldorf, Germany, Dusseldorf, Germany travel blog

Dusseldorf, Germany

A travel blog entry by tbassplayer

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... move on to the next thing on our itinerary. We thanked Christoph for the brunch and the coffee and departed Essen headed for Dusseldorf. During our discussion, Jens had stepped out and gone to his parents house to pick up their car, which they were ...

Düsseldorf, Germany, Düsseldorf, Germany travel blog

Düsseldorf, Germany

A travel blog entry by chronometers

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Last weekend we went on a road trip by car to Düsseldorf, Germany. We arrived in the old town part of Dusseldorf on Saturday afternoon and spent the rest of Saturday exploring the town. There was an amazing market with local produce, flowers and ...

Midnight Train to Dusseldorf, Dusseldorf, Germany travel blog

Midnight Train to Dusseldorf

A travel blog entry by tripswitharoar

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Start: Vienna  End: Düsseldorf  Kilometres: 935  Transport: Autotrain  Accommodation: ÖBB   The last night of our trip came at the end of Day 15. It was time for our third and final couchette. Pulling up at the autotrain ...

Germany, not for the last time, Dusseldorf, Germany travel blog

Germany, not for the last time

A travel blog entry by uncle_davros

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... greeted with, "the boys will sleep here and the girls will sleep there". Goodnight Lucy. The following morning, we set off to Dusseldorf. We arrived in town and found the nearest hostel, dumped our bags and headed in to get some food and beer. Luck would ...