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The Rhine & Mosel Rivers, Bacharach, Germany travel blog

The Rhine & Mosel Rivers

A travel blog entry by eric

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... - hand-written notes in the windows listing some date in March. Every few miles along the Rhine is a new castle.  Germany as a country is the unification of numerous city-states ruled by nobles.  Feudalism thrived here.  One of the most ...

Oh my god..., Kaiserslautern, Germany travel blog

Oh my god...

A travel blog entry by marktjhung

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... By now, you will all be familiar with the socceroos exploits on the finest afternoon in the history of Kaiserslautern and perhaps Germany. Thus, I will spare you the details of the 3-1 victory over Japan which has left Australia at the top of Grouop F ...

The (self-proclaimed) Merry Widows, A

The (self-proclaimed) Merry Widows

A travel blog entry by chronometers

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... two of her friends, Denise and Cookie, visited with us for 2 weeks in August. We had a great time exploring Amsterdam, Belgium and Germany. The trip this time was much more smooth for Mel's Mom - no delays, no sleeping in airports, none of the mess of ...

Eliminated but proud..., Kaiserslautern, Germany travel blog

Eliminated but proud...

A travel blog entry by marktjhung

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... I'm upset. Disappointed? Perhaps. A little sad? Sure. But you see, as bandwagon supporters and journalists in Australia and Germany alike express their outrage at the award of a dubious penalty that saw us eliminated from the world cup, I prefer to ...