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The mad king

The mad king's lair. Castle Neuswanstein

A travel blog entry by davefremland

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... we had a real narrator for the tour as opposed to a pre-recorded speech.  Ana, the guide, was completely informed about Munich, Bavaria, and King Ludwig!  Truthfully, she was the best tour guide I have ever had.  She was young and pretty ...

The adventure begins, Munich, Germany travel blog

The adventure begins

A travel blog entry by davefremland

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Well, after an 11 hour train ride, I finally arrived in Munich at about 7:00 this morning. The police were randomly checking passports and I got stopped and questioned for about 3 minutes while the nice cop lady looked in vain for the entry stamp in my ...

...the most exotic thing out there., Munich, Germany travel blog

...the most exotic thing out there.

A travel blog entry by stevefn

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This is my second trip to Germany and Munich in a week. Both trips were work related, and this second one not actually planned, but necessary. Before we start talking about carbon footprint I mean... I have been many times to Munich over the last ten ...

Kaka..., Munich, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by marktjhung

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... 's Vanny Van Van Van is also home to such a person. Anyway, that stuff certainly doesn't seem to happen anywhere else in germany except munich. In fact, the lederhosen count at the moment reads: munich 24 - rest of germany 2. The rest of germany has a ...