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Settling in, Mayweilerhof, Germany travel blog

Settling in

A travel blog entry by byron_and_tracy

Life has slowed down just a bit lately. I don’t think it has anything to do with the effect freezing air and blankets of snow have on organic matter. At least I hope not. It has everything to do with Tracy’s and my beginning to settle into ...

The Blundering Gardner, Mayweilerhof, Germany travel blog

The Blundering Gardner

A travel blog entry by byron_and_tracy


... adult life in Georgia and Kentucky, there is little to complain about when it comes to the weather in the Rhineland of Germany. Here, the springtime climate seems to take daylight savings time’s lead, pushing both longer days and milder weather into ...

How cold is cold?, Mayweilerhof, Germany travel blog

How cold is cold?

A travel blog entry by byron_and_tracy


Because Tennesseans and Georgians get excited at even the prospect of snow, my family and I all grew up fascinated by it. As children, it was considered a luxury and a windfall. I will never forget the two sleds our friends, the Rodgers family, had - the ...

Unser neue Schrank, Mayweilerhof, Germany travel blog

Unser neue Schrank

A travel blog entry by byron_and_tracy


... -century Schrank and reassembled it in our bedroom. He estimates it was built sometime between 1760 and 1780 in the Saarland region, where Germany and France meet. Be sure to read the captions (above and below) each photo for an explanation of each. I am ...