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More with Mad King Ludwig, Linderhof, Germany travel blog

More with Mad King Ludwig

A travel blog entry by gr8escape

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(S) No rain! And more castles. My best. Our tour guide was probably the best ever. She was VERY excited about King Ludwig and Linderhof. And the girl giving the tour behind us was the least friendly ever. Chad only got yelled at once which was an ...

The Romantic Road - part V, Linderhof, Germany travel blog

The Romantic Road - part V

A travel blog entry by zento

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... took a wrong turn'.  It was not the case, because the small building, closer in size to my parent's suburban house, was Linderhof Palace.   The building resembled more a Parisian petit hotel or a Roman villa than a king's palace, but after all it was ...

Linderhof Palace & Rococo churches, Linderhof, Germany travel blog

Linderhof Palace & Rococo churches

A travel blog entry by megs-anoop


... was actually completed and he lived there the most out of any of his palaces. In comparison to the other palaces we saw, Linderhof was quite small (perhaps that is why it was finished!). It was somewhat wet while we wandered around the grounds, but with ...

Schloss Linderhof, Linderhof, Germany travel blog

Schloss Linderhof

A travel blog entry by lar4290

... of the three castles that he built that was finished before his mysterious death.  Though not as famous as Neuschwanstein or as big as Herrenchiemsee, Linderhof was packed full of tourists (probably because it's close proximity to ...