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Grand Gothic on the Rhine, Köln, Germany travel blog

Grand Gothic on the Rhine

A travel blog entry by gr8escape

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... bar crawl along the river would have been fun - but autobahns and oompa barcrawls do not mix. (S) Ahhh...back to Germany for a fly by of the Koln Cathedral. It's kinda one of those must-do's, so we did. However, the 3 billion stairs we had to PAY ...

Sie Krauter, Koln/Cologne, Germany travel blog

Sie Krauter

A travel blog entry by hildreth75

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... in a 3rd world country really does not need an explanation, and Dave Mccune´s name was Skinny Mcpotbelly (also no explanation needed). Cologne is the English spelling of this German city and it´s best known for its huge cathedral (the Dome). Diana and ...

Ding dong dom and the golden ticket, Köln (Cologne), Germany travel blog

Ding dong dom and the golden ticket

A travel blog entry by amullett

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... and some fun activities. We managed to smuggle our cameras in there and take photos in between the guards/staff walking about. Cool Runnings! Cologne is always going to be a bit special for me now because it is where I embarked on my Couch Surfing ...

Ooh a VIP!, Köln (Cologne), Germany travel blog

Ooh a VIP!

A travel blog entry by amullett

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... pub you see here is just astounding. Something I am beginning to miss about Australia is the good food that we enjoy. Here in Germany there isn't that much choice and in the supermarket, it is difficult to find fresh produce. I have only seen one Asian ...