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6/20- 6/22, Grafenwohr, Germany travel blog

6/20- 6/22

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... the the little plastic dolls and sets called Playmobil? I did and my brother still does. The toys are made in Denmark and Germany, and they are a huge hit around here and other places around the world. And because the little toys are so loved around ...

Past Three Days Here, Grafenwohr, Germany travel blog

Past Three Days Here

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Sorry, it's been a couple of days since I last wrote, there's been a lot going on. Today we got our new car and did some improcessing.  Yesterday we went to an amusement park that I haven't been to since I was four. (nine years and I still remember ...

6/20- 6/22 Cont

6/20- 6/22 Cont'

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... blow up or makeshift screen. We had to settle for a smaller sized TV to watch the game.  The final score was 4-2, Germany winning. Of course everyone had to celebrate, so on the way home every single car was honking their horn in celebration. ...

Food in Germany, Grafenwohr, Germany travel blog

Food in Germany

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... with rich chocolate ice cream on the inside. OMG my mouth was watering just looking at it. And we're in Bavaria, a state in Germany, so they have their own food tastes. LIke they have a dumpling like ball  that takes all day to make called knedel, ...