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Grand Gothic on the Rhine, Köln, Germany travel blog

Grand Gothic on the Rhine

A travel blog entry by gr8escape

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... band doing the bar crawl along the river would have been fun - but autobahns and oompa barcrawls do not mix. (S) Ahhh...back to Germany for a fly by of the Koln Cathedral. It's kinda one of those must-do's, so we did. However, the 3 billion ...

Chris goes to Germany for Photokina, Cologne, Germany travel blog

Chris goes to Germany for Photokina

A travel blog entry by dearmasa

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... Scanning Performance Continued Innovation Gives Pro Photographers High Quality Films to Achieve Impactful Images ROCHESTER, NY, and COLOGNE, Germany, September 26 - In a move that underscores its ongoing support of the professional photography market, ...

And the Oscar Goes To..., Cologne, Germany travel blog

And the Oscar Goes To...

A travel blog entry by petrest

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the moment you've all been waiting for. We promised you this back in December, and after some minor delays, we deliver as promised. I smell Oscar. I really felt like I got INTO this character. I thought to myself, "Now if I ...

Good Samaritans, Cologne, Germany travel blog

Good Samaritans

A travel blog entry by petrest

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... see family and friends in January, Steve and I had to take flights from different airports. Because Steve left for Germany a week before me, he flew into Cologne. I on the other hand, had to fly into Dusseldorf (which is about 30 miles away). So on ...