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Berlin Mayhem, Berlin, Germany travel blog

Berlin Mayhem

A travel blog entry by madman96

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... we have seen each other plenty since college and I'm enjoying my time outside yet again.  We venture over to see the Berlin wall which isn't quite what I had expected but still turns out to be a very cool tourist site.  The paintings ...


Bubu's Berlin

A travel blog entry by emtyadventures

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... our lack of knowledge of the city as Bubu’s sentences overwhelmed us; “West Berlin was surrounded by East Berlin, in East Germany - You can tell because they have trams”, “American quarter”, “The Soviet influence can ...

Looking for Freedom, Berlin, Germany travel blog

Looking for Freedom

A travel blog entry by danly

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... from all different times in Berlin’s history.  We were shown statues and buildings from during the communist times in East Germany like a large sculpture of Marx and Engels and the huge TV Tower which was built during this time and remains the ...

The Calm Before The Storm, Berlin, Germany travel blog

The Calm Before The Storm

A travel blog entry by foolsgold

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... spent a quality two days in Berlin with Karim and Polly, who managed to get us beds in their hostel - the little angels. Berlin has gone pretty football crazy. They've closed off about half a mile of street from the Brandenberg Gate all the way down ...