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The savannah in my fortress, Sighnaghi, Georgia travel blog

The savannah in my fortress

A travel blog entry by mkuechel


... and a few chachas later we are at least convinced about the alcohol content of the wine. Time then flies chatting about Georgia, the US and European's perceptions of Americans etc. As the night goes on the discussions become more and more philosophical... ...

City of Love, Sighnaghi, Georgia travel blog

City of Love

A travel blog entry by michellendave


... theme for promoting the village. But, he admitted, it could be because they issue marriage licences 24 hours a day. And Sighnaghi is a peaceful and extremely picturesque village. It is built on a plateau above the Alazani valley, the lovely church ...

Wine - Lifeblood of Georgia, Sighnaghi, Georgia travel blog

Wine - Lifeblood of Georgia

A travel blog entry by gsella


... you will come back to after visiting it for the first time, like London, Venice, New York and more... However, a charming place like Sighnaghi, although it is so attractive, is not one of them. Maybe I will never fully realize it, but the chances I will ...

Country 121, Sighnaghi, Georgia travel blog

Country 121

A travel blog entry by schwate


... ). In Tsnori dann ein weiterer Minibus nach Sighnaghi (0,50 Euro), mein erster Besuchspunkt in Georgien... Puh, viel Transport:-) Sighnaghi ist eine interessante Stadt, sie koennte in Italien stehen. So etwas hatte ich hier nicht erwartet. Es ist ...