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nungee dem si country bi, Samito and Senbira, Gambia travel blog

nungee dem si country bi

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... few attempts and improvisations, we were able to get the tire back on. I really do think we're all getting used to the Gambia though, because we almost seemed to expect the delay, and just turned it into an opportunity to check out the scenery, lie in ...

It all started w/ a broken juju: malaria upcountry, Janjangburee, Gambia travel blog

It all started w/ a broken juju: malaria upcountry

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The following will be a shamelessly self-pitying entry. If you want a more objective one move onto number 11. It all started with a broken juju. Gambians believe strongly in Jujus, charm-like accessories that give different benefits to the ...

heading up river, Tumani Tenda to Basse, Gambia travel blog

heading up river

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... was leading us on this trip, he was an old Gambian man who had spent his life traveling around the Gambia collecting traditional songs, stories and cultural information to compile for the Gambian National Council for Arts and Culture before ...

Ferry furies, Yelitenda, Gambia travel blog

Ferry furies

A travel blog entry by mikeandmary


24 December Once more heading for the border, hoping to get on the ferry across the river this morning. At the Senegal border post the people all seemed very friendly but extremely poor, living in indescribable conditions. Actually passing through the ...