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Lovely lovely offers on the menu, Senegambia, Gambia travel blog

Lovely lovely offers on the menu

A travel blog entry by off_road_clara

This is a top pick!

... - the crocodile (export) and blue kingfisher (lite beer). I'm not sure if there are fewer hippos or hippo-beers in Gambia - a shame either way! Impressive stuff that such a small developing country should produce three local beers on a large scale, ...

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mosquitos: 2 smcm: 0

A travel blog entry by adminor

... the health care. I'm a little afraid what would have happened if he wasn't. Here's a quick description of medical care in The Gambia, in one of the better clinics. We faced the typical several hour wait in a crowded, hot waiting room, the typical chaos ...

a lazy day on the river in the Gambia, Senegambia, Gambia travel blog

a lazy day on the river in the Gambia

A travel blog entry by tizwoz


The Denton Bridge spans the Coco River and connects the capital Banjul to the rest of the mainland. It is from here that the boat trips set off, outwards for those who want to fish or up river for those like us who wanted tranquillity. The Chef comes out ...