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Frontiere Gambie - Senegal a cheval, Pata, Senegal travel blog

Frontiere Gambie - Senegal a cheval

A travel blog entry by vmarchal

Passer une frontiere en trouan comme unique moyen de locomotion une carriole a Cheval. Et 2 heures de cheval plus tard a travers des petits villages et des pistes de sables, j arrive a la frontiere. Je cherche le douanier qui joue a la belote, et j ...

Georgetown, Georgetown, Gambia travel blog


A travel blog entry by vmarchal

C etait dure d y arrivée mais j ai reussi apres 2 jours de ...

Return to serekunda with problems, Janjangbureh, Gambia travel blog

Return to serekunda with problems

A travel blog entry by raicorosenberg


We leave Georgetown late as usual. Things get even more delayed by the many police and military checkpoints. We stop briefly at at a waterside as there is an abundance of wildlife. Soon after at a military checkpoint some soldiers hassle us for a lift ...

Deep into Gambia, georgetown, Gambia travel blog

Deep into Gambia

A travel blog entry by raicorosenberg


Its off towards the east to the depths of Gambia’s Jungle. A 400km journey is ahead and we prepare for the worst. The road is tarmac for the first third of the journey. On the way we notice how remote some of these places are. Villages appear from ...