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0 degrees, 0 minutes & 10 seconds South - Equator, The Equator, Gabon travel blog

0 degrees, 0 minutes & 10 seconds South - Equator

A travel blog entry by aniseh


Heard over the intercom (spoken officially, and with a dry, British accent)   "Hello. This is your Captain. In a few moments time, we will be crossing the Meridian Parallel or as you know it, The Equator. Due to ocean swells today, you will not ...

Arrivée du train, franceville, Gabon travel blog

Arrivée du train

A travel blog entry by vmarchal

Le train au Congo ressemble plus au train en Europe qu'au train au tiers monde. Tant mieux. Et les gares sont bien organisés. ...

Indende - Always find a way!, Lastoursville, Gabon travel blog

Indende - Always find a way!

A travel blog entry by beattie99


... a beer with the new friends! Norbit and his team... Thank you. Adrian didn't do to bad a job himself (man likes to tighten bolts!) Erm remind me who was bored of Gabon!!! Hmm suppose I have to thank Combrink for his help... Again! Never hear the end of ...

Crossing the equator, Lastoursville, Gabon travel blog

Crossing the equator

A travel blog entry by beattie99


... western lowland gorillas... Lets hope! Had a great breakfast in the next village (oh dear...clearly not a lot has happened!) Gabon roads are quite simply incredible, im sure designed by a racing driver! Perfect tar and banking sweeping bends through the ...