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Caught a cold in the Loire Valley, Tours, France travel blog

Caught a cold in the Loire Valley

A travel blog entry by jonmatters

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... , by the way. After it got me sick, trapped in a campground, and even more miserable, this weather can go f**k itself...just saying. Tours is a nice town though, and I enjoyed my stay there. It is pleasant to walk around and not too crowded. I met a ...

Tours of Tours, Tours, France travel blog

Tours of Tours

A travel blog entry by meganandkevin

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... before being told they were prohibited in the museum (see pictures). Incredibly precise stuff. We only scratched the surface of Tours. It has an astonishing amount to offer for a relatively small place. We didn't even get to experience the legendary ...

The great French wine conspiracy, Tours, France travel blog

The great French wine conspiracy

A travel blog entry by vine_hooligans

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... you what is in the bottle! So in order to know what you are buying you need to understand what the breakdown of the AOC in France or in other words what gets produced where or what 'is' allowed to be produced where. Which really means that if you have ...

Chateau^6, Tours, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by bakkepackers

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... French dauphin, convincing him to allow her to embark on her campaign against the English to get him crowned as Charles VII of France. It was an important home of English and French royalty for centuries, and seemingly each of its nine towers was built by ...