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A travel blog entry by suzyinbenin

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... the mountains. Maybe I cleared my lungs of all the Cotonou pollution. Now, I am with Sandrine and family in Strasbourg, where I spent my year abroad. As usual, Sandrine is a great hostess. Assuming British Airways doesn't have anymore ...

Biggest Christmas Market in Europe, Strasbourg, France travel blog

Biggest Christmas Market in Europe

A travel blog entry by yah27

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Strasbourg, ...

The Black Forest, Strasbourg, France travel blog

The Black Forest

A travel blog entry by uncle_davros

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... Baden. Home of the most millionaires in Germany. Small spa town. Another tick in the Lonely Planet. All that loomed, was the Strasbourg airport. Another exciting long weekend was over, and we were now saving our pennies, and I do mean pennies, because ...

Just popping over to France, Strasbourg, France travel blog

Just popping over to France

A travel blog entry by kiemce

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13 Jun 2006 : My turn to drive, and for a bit of a laugh we decided to cross the border into France to visit Strasbourg on the way to Frieberg. Driving took a bit of getting used to - I kept looking for the gear stick on the wrong side and driving on the ...