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Incredible Storm!, Saint-Laurent-en-Beaumont, France travel blog

Incredible Storm!

A travel blog entry by kayyendole


We had the most incredible storm last night, it started around 7p.m. with rumbling thunder and the occasional flash of lightning and increased in its intensity through the night until around 4a.m. when it reached its peak with torrential rain that ...

Route Napoleon, Saint-Laurent-en-Beaumont, France travel blog

Route Napoleon

A travel blog entry by dominiquenrik


... gaat het door de Var richting Gap. Een verrassend mooie, rustige route! We overnachten op camping Belvédère de l'Obiou in Saint-Laurent-en-Beaumont in de Isère en eten er onze laatste forel bij een flesje rosé-wijn dat we meekregen van camping "Le ...

Exploring the majesty of the Vercors, Saint-Laurent-en-Beaumont, France travel blog

Exploring the majesty of the Vercors

A travel blog entry by kayyendole


Classed by some as the most beautiful part of France, we have a tendancy to want to agree, the mountains are as impressive as the French Alps, the gorges although not as big as the Verdun are incredible rock formations of limestone that still leave ...

The invisible donkey!, Saint-Laurent-en-Beaumont, France travel blog

The invisible donkey!

A travel blog entry by kayyendole


A bit cloudy today but we set off in full determination to explore the National Park, swim in the lakes and see what wildlife we could discover. We were lucky to see a young deer bounding across the road as we entered the park but unfortunately my camera ...