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A weekend of bubbly, Champagne, France travel blog

A weekend of bubbly

A travel blog entry by chronometers

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When we started our long weekend in the Champagne region of France, we anticipated that we would spend a day or two in Champagne then continue down to the Burgundy area. What we quickly learned, however, is that Champagne itself contains enough beautiful ...

A good hostel experience, Reims, France travel blog

A good hostel experience

A travel blog entry by jonmatters

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... with my computer (won't play video) and needed to fix it as well as see the town. Reims has the largest cathedral in France, so methinks it's worth a little visit. I was getting a little lonely not having anybody to talk to (the French people I have met ...

Home of Champagne, Épernay, France travel blog

Home of Champagne

A travel blog entry by vine_hooligans

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... not just for their standard label but also for the prestigious Dom Perignon which is named after the guy who discovered Champagne. The Moët et Chandon cellars is enormous and consists of something like 25km underground chalk tunnels and contains a ...

Yummy Mumm-y, Reims, France travel blog

Yummy Mumm-y

A travel blog entry by vine_hooligans

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... prestigious the Champagne, the more expensive the tasting. Mumm is not the biggest Champagne house in the Champagne region in France but well known for their sponsorship with major sporting events and expeditions - look at the Champagne label ...