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Sport & Spa Hotel Vesileppis Leppavirta

Sport & Spa Hotel Vesileppis Leppavirta

3.50 33 reviews

Vokkolantie, Leppavirta, Finland

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Present, Leppävirta, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by gouldy


'Has anyone seen my future?' asked one of the Italian jokers walking around the food circle dressed only in boxers , ‘or his past?’ asked his partner in crime - a bemused look on his face. ‘And has anyone seen my now?’ asked the ...

Food Circle, Leppävirta, Finland travel blog

Food Circle

A travel blog entry by gouldy


Slowly, slowly the people gather.  Great cauldrons of food are hauled over by men walking as quickly as they can before their hands stretch out of their arms. Eventually a circle forms. People hold hands and someone begins to sing. It could be any ...

Conspiracy, Leppävirta, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by gouldy


"Do you really think all those politicians and corporations are such nice people?!" exclaimed Becky late one night in the Chai tent, a hint of ridicule in her tone. Conspiracy seems to be a central part to many people's world view here. The masses must ...

Boom!, Leppävirta, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by gouldy


‘’I’ve been here 5 weeks now” said Aaron, “this is how I live my life.”  In fact I don’t think his name was really Aaron. I can’t remember his real name but he looked like an Aaron - brown curly hair, ...