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Crab racing, Waya, Fiji travel blog

Crab racing

A travel blog entry by fyrelizard

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... the radio. It was absolutely wonderful, and afterwards the only option was to lie on a lounger, watching the sun set and enjoying a Waya Iced Tea. Four nights at Octopus just was not enough; we were very reluctant to continue with our travels, and when I ...

Island hopping, Waya, Fiji travel blog

Island hopping

A travel blog entry by fyrelizard

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... much more enjoyable when diving in temperatures above 12 degrees! Our first dive was at Black Rock, just a few minutes by boat from Waya. We were both slightly nervous as it was Jill's first dive since qualifying a couple of weeks ago, and my first dive ...

Waya Lailai - Day 284-285, Waya Lailai, Fiji travel blog

Waya Lailai - Day 284-285

A travel blog entry by christosp

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... got into the dorm and as usual made a bee-line for me. Caught the catamaran from the Wanna Taka and arrived at the Waya Lailai Ecohaven resort by late afternoon. I think they call the place an Ecohaven because it's pretty basic but it's pleasant ...

Sunset Beach, Waya Island, Fiji travel blog

Sunset Beach

A travel blog entry by jackdrury

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 Sunset Beach on the Fijian island of Waya has a sandbar that provides two beaches. If you don't like the people on one beach you simply walk five metres to the other side. But since Ellen and I were the only two here we found ourselves having to ...