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Fiji Time, Vorovoro, Fiji travel blog

Fiji Time

A travel blog entry by benandlindsey


... ; Lindsey would often be seen watering the garden, and feeding, talking and singing to the chickens! Jason working with Team Fiji and other Vorovoro village members to build a bilibili, a raft made from local bamboo. For the Fijians' extra efforts, ...

On The Grog, Vorovoro, Fiji travel blog

On The Grog

A travel blog entry by antandruthybabe


... of the deep pounding noise that you hear in Jurassic Park when you know something big and nasty is coming. Our first night on Vorovoro included a session on the grog. We were given close instruction by Wavu Ian on the grog mat protocol. I expect all you ...

Real Men Pee in the Sea, Vorovoro, Fiji travel blog

Real Men Pee in the Sea

A travel blog entry by antandruthybabe


... until the hole below that seat is full – it takes 3-4 months to fill, then the other seat is used. Enough said. Vorovoro along with all the Northern Islands is suffering from acute water shortage. From what I gather this is the 3rd year running ...

Some Edited Highlights, Vorovoro, Fiji travel blog

Some Edited Highlights

A travel blog entry by antandruthybabe


... . Wild Beasts on Vorovoro One morning there were tales spreading like wildfire amongst the Tribe that wild beasts were at large on Vorovoro! Apparently little Bethany had woken in the night, crying to her Mommy that she was very scared as she had heard ...