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Mouching our way through Fiji, Taveuni, Fiji travel blog

Mouching our way through Fiji

A travel blog entry by jmo

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... Santa Barbara Jeff and Edessa again visiting their exclusive luxury resort and getting pizza. Yes we have been mouching our way through Fiji. Janice just looks at people with her big doe like eyes and explains she is stuck backpacking with me for a ...

Lavena Coastal Walk, Taveuni, Fiji travel blog

Lavena Coastal Walk

A travel blog entry by supertrampz

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... Went to beach again-not much else to do. Treat ourselves to another cake/Kahlua session at Audrey's in evening. All in all Taveuni is beautiful and unspoilt but it is crawling with insects, spiders as big as your hand. ...

Boat Trip, Naqara, Taveuni, Fiji travel blog

Boat Trip

A travel blog entry by baldtel_on_tour

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... so are Fijians. The shops sell Fiji stuff and Indian stuff. Also. Interesting fact. The international date line actually runs through Taveuni, even though all the Fijian Islands operate on the same time. Its exactly the other side of the world from ...

Rainbow Reef, water slide, vilage visit, Taveuni Island, Fiji travel blog

Rainbow Reef, water slide, vilage visit

A travel blog entry by andreasjahn


... we had a burger and fries. After the dive we "sailed" to a very small Polynesian village on Kioa Island (north west of Taveuni). More like an education thing. we looked at their schools and hand crafted goods (we bought a little basket woven from banana ...