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The Reef Off Drawaqa Island, Drawaqa Island, Fiji travel blog

The Reef Off Drawaqa Island

A travel blog entry by jackdrury

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... its tailfin the shark suddenly vanished into the depths.    We'd been snorkeling the outer edge of the reef off Drawaqa Island, Fiji. With pounding hearts we started for shore. After about ten metres I said to myself "dammit" and pointed back to ...

Kava and New Friends, Drawaqa island, Fiji travel blog

Kava and New Friends

A travel blog entry by jameswidowss


... Quote of the holiday, methinks. The island is beautiful and I love the basic nature of it, again it was very much the Fiji I had come to experience. All the staff are genuinely friendly (as they invariably are in these places) and all seem to love their ...

Manta Rays!, Drawaqa, Fiji travel blog

Manta Rays!

A travel blog entry by jameswidowss


We woke up shortly before J came around looking for people to go and see the Manta Rays, he'd already been out about half an hour previously and seen that they were there, having their plankton breakfast. This is the only activity with a vaguely set time ...

Fiji at its Finest, Drawaqa, Fiji travel blog

Fiji at its Finest

A travel blog entry by orianapacker


... the Yasawa Islands you travel, the more beautiful it gets.  We won't have time to make it any further North, but Drawaqa, being the northernmost island we're traveling to, is by far the most pristinely beautiful.   The resort we're staying ...