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Psycho caterpillars, Nazret, Ethiopia travel blog

Psycho caterpillars

A travel blog entry by izzie

This is a top pick!

Day the Fourteenth - in which not a lot happens. We see the same stretch of road as two days ago, only from the other side of the bus. Oh, and camels. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Up at 4.30am for a little scuffle in the dark as we tried to find someone to ...

Night 27 - Nazret, Nazret, Ethiopia travel blog

Night 27 - Nazret

A travel blog entry by charlesaclark

The evil petrol theives in their weird shit ...

Farangi food!, Debre Zeit, Ethiopia travel blog

Farangi food!

A travel blog entry by flowergyaru


... Debre Zeit were we had heard rumours of DAIRY products available at a missionary farm. Dairy products are nearly unheard of in Ethiopia, we think because of lack of electricity. We hadn't come across any cheese or yoghurt in the entire 5 weeks here, ...

In-Service Training, Sodere, Ethiopia travel blog

In-Service Training

A travel blog entry by christen.smith

... and now they are greatly missed. The departures are not limited to volunteers, either, with two main office staff members leaving Ethiopia to work with Peace Corps programs in other countries. If these is one thing that has been made clear to us ...