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Danakil Depression - Dallol, Mek

Danakil Depression - Dallol

A travel blog entry by lee.d.rosen


... vehicles there was Rebecca, Verena and Bridget, all 27 year old Swiss doctors who were on vacation for about 3 weeks in Ethiopia and a Spanish (actually Catalonian) couple traveling through Ethiopia for a few weeks as well.  Due to the proximity to ...

Danakil Depression - Erta Ale Volcano, Mek

Danakil Depression - Erta Ale Volcano

A travel blog entry by lee.d.rosen


... and a recent MBA graduate at Cornell, working on a year long contract for Save the Children in Iraq and traveling through Ethiopia for 3 weeks.  I would wind up running into the Israelis later in Lalibela and travel with Veronica for a week in the ...

Week 2 in the Village, Mek

Week 2 in the Village

A travel blog entry by seanalston


Well firstly, happy new year! The calendar is very different in Ethiopia. There is an 8 hour time difference, they celebrate Christmas on January 7th and it's actually the year 2008 on the Ethiopian calendar! So they did not celebrate the New Year over ...

Churches of Tigray, Mek

Churches of Tigray

A travel blog entry by lee.d.rosen


... picturesque.  I had an amusing drive with my driver Sasey and visited three churches perched on the mountainside. Sasey and left Mek'ele early in the morning, climbing over a mountain pass and descending into Tigray, a region known for its passionate ...