Suez, Egypt

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Bonita Suez

Bonita Suez


Fayed's Lake, The Bitter Lakes, Suez, Egypt

Red Sea Hotel Suez

Red Sea Hotel Suez

2.50 15 reviews

13 Riad St, Port-Tawfik, Suez, Egypt

Summer Palace Hotel Suez

Summer Palace Hotel Suez

2.00 15 reviews

Portawfik, Suez, Egypt

Sinaway Lagoon Hotel & Spa Suez

Sinaway Lagoon Hotel & Spa Suez

3.5 34 reviews

Oyun Moussa, Suez, Egypt

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Marine Train spotting, Suez, Egypt travel blog

Marine Train spotting

A travel blog entry by byrnedm

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и Port Tawfiq, Suez, Egypt и GMT +2hrs 'a dismal but profitable ditch' - Joseph Conrad on the Suez Canal Marine train spotting The fact that Suez is about half way between Alexandria, where we just came from, and Dahab in Sinai, where we're ...

Watching the boats go by, Suez, Egypt travel blog

Watching the boats go by

A travel blog entry by youngtravellers

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... and the mosque every couple of minutes.  It was very strange to see. Even stranger was the view when we took a bus from Suez into the Sinai.  We crossed under the canal in a tunnel and looked back to see a line of cargo ships floating through ...

Egypt!, Port Suez, Egypt travel blog


A travel blog entry by jsiker

Didn't stay on the ship for the Suez-- see Alexandria ...

Stranded in Suez, Suez, Egypt travel blog

Stranded in Suez

A travel blog entry by lostalready


You've probably heard of the Suez canal? Well that is the tourist attraction of Suez, and its the only one. The suburbs out along the canal itself (Port Tawfiq) consist of seemingly endless rows of identical newish concrete apartment blocks with a few ...