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Not Cube or Sphere or even Cone..., Dahshur, Egypt travel blog

Not Cube or Sphere or even Cone...

A travel blog entry by 2totango

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... ?  The world has been ruled by the Egyptians for longer than it hasn’t been?  That’s a looooong time! At Saqqara we saw the best museum since leaving Europe.  Most are poorly funded with miniscule displays, bad light and limited ...

Saqqara - Step Pyramid, Saqqara, Egypt travel blog

Saqqara - Step Pyramid

A travel blog entry by shazlex

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Saqqara means Sugar Cane. Saqqara is a farming area and we saw lots of crops. Mum was very interested in the crops growing.  The main things we saw were Date Palms and Mint.  Mint Tea is a big thing in Egypt and with nearly the entire ...

The evolution of the pyramids, Saqqara, Egypt travel blog

The evolution of the pyramids

A travel blog entry by youngtravellers

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... the price, but I went with it.  Travis and I entered the museum.  It was dedicated to the archaeological finds in the Saqqara necropolis (it consists of more than just the pyramid of Zoser, you see) and to Imhotep and his work.  I found ...

Down a dark shaft and into oblivion, Dahshur, Saqqara and Giza, Egypt travel blog

Down a dark shaft and into oblivion

A travel blog entry by papayaprincess


... 6 years ago, so it is not in the slightest bit touristy and much better value to get in and have a pyramid fix... Second: Saqqara, here we have the oldest attempt at a pyramid, Zoser's step pyramid, which is still pretty cool to see...25 pounds ...

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Imhotep Museum

Imhotep Museum


Saqqara, Egypt