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Moses' 10 Commandments

A travel blog entry by eric

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... mountaintops across the peninsula. Jebu Musa is the traditional spot of Moses' receiving the 10 Commandments.  At the base of Mt Sinai is St Katherine's Monastery.  It's a 6th century Greek orthodox monastery built on the traditional site of ...

Thou Shalt Not..., mt sinai, Egypt travel blog

Thou Shalt Not...

A travel blog entry by 2totango

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... about and broke today! Today we actually tore ourselves away from beach-ville to head into the mountains in the center of the Sinai today.  Rising up and up and up, it was quite the opposite experience from the diving Brian’s been doing the ...

Sinai Rose, Mt. Sinai, Egypt travel blog

Sinai Rose

A travel blog entry by lraleigh

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... .  The sun rose and turned the granite peaks of central Sinai bright orange.  The hour around sunrise on Mt. Sinai was striking.  Here, I finished reading the Bible after six months.  Reading from beginning to end offered some ...

The mountain of Moses!, Mt. Sinai, Egypt travel blog

The mountain of Moses!

A travel blog entry by worldtraveler2

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This hike up to Mt. Sinai was not at all what I expected.  I really regretted going on the night hike as I realized that it was way too much for Nikolas.  The next morning, I noticed that Nikolas was the only child coming down the mountain. We ...