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A travel blog entry by aszliross


... that funny, but it kept him in stitches the rest of the day, and he would mumble it to himself at different intervals.   Abydos was definitely worth the trek. The carvings were some of the best we had seen, but we didn't feel that we needed the ...

Are we really going to survive this road trip?, Abydos, Egypt travel blog

Are we really going to survive this road trip?

A travel blog entry by purplefrog


... each others vehicles regardless of oncoming traffic, we arrived in the village of Al-Balyana and the famed Temple of Seti I at Abydos. Due to restoration work this is one of the most complete and beautiful ancient structures in Egypt. It is a dedication ...

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A travel blog entry by pachi


... . This episode did not seem to dim the merriment in the front seat and the laughter continued. Eventually we safely reached Abydos, where security was also quite visible. There were armed policemen on camels scattered around the area, which is restricted. ...

Swedes,Bez and Karaoke, Abydos, Egypt travel blog

Swedes,Bez and Karaoke

A travel blog entry by hodge


... again huge impressive, but with these they have ceilings thus preserving most of colour heiroglyphics and giving more of an ambience. Abydos have three rooms with large pillars and writing of the Falcon god, pretty top photos. Although our favouite was ...