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¡Me gusta la gasolina!, Vilcabamba, The Valley of Longevity, Ecuador travel blog

¡Me gusta la gasolina!

A travel blog entry by mette

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... make their bottoms sore and backs stiff. A comfortable ride it ain't. But the scenery was just spectacular, and well worth a sore bottom. Ecuador is a lot greener and lusher than I had expected. What I have seen - a lovely, lovely country. As the train ...

Disaster and the devil

Disaster and the devil's nose

A travel blog entry by idarich

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... scenery was amazing: dramatic mountain passes, little green farmer´s fields impossibly high up on mountainsides. We checked into Hostal Ingapirca (well-priced if a little shabby) at about lunchtime and, in the early afternoon, made the short local bus ...

Banos and Cuenca, Banos and Cuenca, Ecuador travel blog

Banos and Cuenca

A travel blog entry by sarahwalsh

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... a USB connection is tougher than anticipated but will happen. Thanks for all the emails, please keep them coming and I will try to reply soon! We are off to Peru tomorrow and so it will be a sad goodbye to Ecuador. But I think I will be ...

You can pick your nose but never the Devil

You can pick your nose but never the Devil's

A travel blog entry by jsunmiller


Yesterday,,,,Feb 29th, 2012 (how appropriate, a leap year) was spent, several hour's west, of Cuenca, Ecuador doing the Devil's Nose Train Tour, originating in Alausi, Ecuador & returning to the same,,,at 12 km stretch, of what is called, " The Most ...