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The term hero is thrown around all too often, Fernandina, Ecuador travel blog

The term hero is thrown around all too often

A travel blog entry by cgavin


We spent only the morning on Fernandina but for me this was the highlight of our cruise. After a short hike visiting the sea lions and marine iguanas we came across two stranded sea turtles. Due to a spring tide these turtles were stuck on the wrong ...

Roca Rodonda, Isabela and Fernandina, Fernandina, Ecuador travel blog

Roca Rodonda, Isabela and Fernandina

A travel blog entry by nancyboscostlow


... hiss was the sound of the zodiac motors from underwater!  Oh, Man! During lunch and siesta the boat moved to Fernandina Island.  The afternoon hike there was fascinating.  It is a younger island and the rough, dark lava flows dominated ...


Jon's birthday, iguanas, swimming with sea lions

A travel blog entry by missiaaron


... out snorkeling. The festivities were just getting started . . . After a delicious lunch (they always were), we headed out to Fernandina Island (the youngest of the Galapagos islands). Our pangas landed on dried lava beds and tide-pools, and we were ...

Punta Espinoza, Isla Fernandina, Ecuador travel blog

Punta Espinoza

A travel blog entry by peacefrog


... to just... watch it! ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------ In the afternoon we crossd over to Fernandina Island, and reached Punta Espinoza. Fernandina is the youngest island of the archipelago, and ...