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Blowholes and Birds and Birthdays, Espanola Island, Ecuador travel blog

Blowholes and Birds and Birthdays

A travel blog entry by everywhere

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     With the new kids in tow we headed off for their first 6 am hike on Espanola Island - the only completely flat island.  We had a very long - three hour - hike, around Punta Suarez.   It was beautiful but oh so ...

Shari is Sick & Chloe

Shari is Sick & Chloe's Birthday

A travel blog entry by sfrtw

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... .  She decides to take immodium in the morning and something to stop the nausea. We arrive at Punta Suarez on Espanola Island.  The weather is sunny and extremely hot.  The flat rocky island was bursting with life as we arrive: ...

Galapagos - Española Island, Española Island, Ecuador travel blog

Galapagos - Española Island

A travel blog entry by risint


Espanola was one of the most magical of all the islands. It is a place where the animals reign supreme and we humans are merely guests. As your dingy brings you to shore you will see sea lion pups sunbathing with marine iguanas and blue footed boobies ...

The Spanish Hood, Española Island, Ecuador travel blog

The Spanish Hood

A travel blog entry by rush


A 6 hour night cruise saw our arrival to Española (Hood) Islands´ Puenta Suarez bay. The southernmost island in the Archipelago is one of the oldest so left with very few obvious volcanic features. The unmistakable stench of sea lion hit me before ...