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Cuyabeno Lodge

Cuyabeno Lodge

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Pinto E4-340 and Amazonas Av. , Cuyabeno, Ecuador

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Welcome to the Jungle, Cuyabeno, Ecuador travel blog

Welcome to the Jungle

A travel blog entry by beardandblonde

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... for the rest of the day. Although everyone loves a parrot, there were three animals we desperately wanted to see in Cuyabeno. Firstly, the mighty anaconda, native only to the Amazon Rainforest, growing up to a whopping 9 metres in the reserve and gee ...

Welcome to the jungle!, Cuyabeno, Ecuador travel blog

Welcome to the jungle!

A travel blog entry by nadinehanlon

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So I got set for a week in the jungle thinking travelling by night bus would be a good idea, saving a nights accomodation and sleeping through the 8 hour bus journey from Quito to Lago Agrio where I would then have to take another bus for an hour and a 2 ...

Where is my reflection in Cuyabeno?, Cuyabeno, Ecuador travel blog

Where is my reflection in Cuyabeno?

A travel blog entry by rickwastaken

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The Cuyabeno Lodge The 10 hour bus ride from Quito to Cuyabeno, Ecuador was rather uneventful. I tried desperately to sleep on this bus but it was very difficult given the seating circumstances. I don't think these buses are designed for people taller ...

Amazon odessy Day 4, Boogely Woogelies, Cuyabeno, Ecuador travel blog

Amazon odessy Day 4, Boogely Woogelies

A travel blog entry by coopertrooper

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Monday morning started and while the majority of the world was off to sit in an office and play on the internet we were off to play in the amazon river. We paddled off in a canoe exploring another dark recess of the jungle. Don showed us more types of ...

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Cuyabeno Reserve

Cuyabeno Reserve


Cuyabeno, Ecuador

Encompassing more than 604,000 hectares of primary rainforest, wild lagoons and rivers, this reserve features an incredible variety of wildlife including anacondas, ocelots, river dolphins, piranha and more than 515 species of birds.

Laguna Grande

Laguna Grande


Cuyabeno National Park, Cuyabeno, Ecuador

Located in the Cuyabeno National Park, this large lake is a popular site for admiring ancient trees, giant palms, orchids and many species of birds and monkeys.